One Dead in Fatal Early Morning Accident

One Dead in Fatal Early Morning Accident


Firemen clean up Saturday morning after the fatal accident in Woodhaven. The driver’s car, pictured above, is mangled after crashing into several cars on Atlantic Avenue. Forum Newsgroup photo by Robert Stridiron.

A sanitation worker was pronounced dead at the scene of a car crash on Atlantic Avenue in Woodhaven early Saturday morning.

Dominick Bunch, 24, who police believe had been drinking and speeding, crashed his Toyota Camry into several parked cars near 88th Street before hitting a livery cab.

The impact ejected him from the vehicle and left the car he was driving crumpled.

Moments earlier, Bunch had fled the scene of a hit and run where he collided with a car on Crescent Street, in Brooklyn, but he continued barreling east on Atlantic Avenue, according to witnesses.

Police doubt Bunch was wearing a seatbelt and at this time cannot confirm suspicions of drunken driving.

According to police, the cab driver and a passenger in Bunch’s car sustained minor injuries.

By Katie Riordan



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