Two Medical Marijuana Facilities to be Located in Queens

Two Medical Marijuana Facilities to be Located in Queens

PHOTO:  Gov. Cuomo last year signed into law the Compassionate Care Act, which will allow healthcare providers to recommend the medical use of marijuana under carefully controlled circumstances.  Photo Courtesy of Gov. Cuomo’s Office

The state Department of Health last Friday announced its selection of five organizations to be issued registrations to manufacture and dispense medical marijuana under New York’s Medical Marijuana Program.

Bloomfield Industries Inc., will operate a manufacturing facility in the borough, while Empire State Health Solutions is set to establish a dispensing center in Queens.

According to Bloomfield, “Our expert team delivers nearly a century of proven practices in the diverse disciplines of the life sciences and regulatory affairs, as well as extensive agricultural, pharmaceutical, and medical experience. We want to earn your trust as a new community member by offering: The best cultivation methods in harmony with nature and the environment; strict compliance with regulatory standards and a commitment to pharmaceutical-grade manufacturing and distribution; safe, secure, and aesthetically pleasing experiences at our facilities.”

ESHS has indicated that it represents “quality medical marijuana products via the integration of science and medicine, not the dogma and mythology of the current medical marijuana industry.”

In June of 2014, the state Legislature passed the Compassionate Care Act, which will allow healthcare providers to recommend the medical use of marijuana under carefully controlled circumstances.

According to DOH, 43 applications were submitted by the June 5, 2015 deadline to apply for one of the five registered organization registrations. The evaluation process was conducted by a team of professionals from within state government with backgrounds in several fields, including, but not limited to, the practice of medicine, quality assurance, analytical and medicinal chemistry, architecture and code compliance, regulatory compliance, and surveillance of health care facilities.

As part of the selection process, DOH sought to ensure that proposed dispensaries are located throughout the state in order to meet the needs of all certified patients. Additionally, DOH will monitor patient demand to ensure all residents who meet the requirements of the Compassionate Care Act have access to the program.

“Today’s announcement represents a major milestone in the implementation of New York State’s Medical Marijuana Program and keeps us on track to have the program up and running within 18 months of passage of the Compassionate Care Act. I am proud that we are on course to provide certified patients with access to medical marijuana more quickly than any other state in the nation,” said state Health Commissioner Howard Zucker, M.D. “The five organizations selected for registration today showed, through a rigorous and comprehensive evaluation process, they are best suited to produce and provide quality medical marijuana to eligible New Yorkers in need, and to comply with New York’s strict program requirements.”


By Michael V. Cusenza






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