Ozone Park Middle School Principal Blasted for ‘Bully’ Tactics

Ozone Park Middle School Principal Blasted for ‘Bully’ Tactics

PHOTO: Several stakeholders have reached out to The Forum regarding the behavior of the principal of MS 210. File Photo

By Michael V. Cusenza

Several stakeholders of an Ozone Park middle school recently reached out to The Forum and expressed their concerns with the behavior of the principal.

Sources, who spoke to this newspaper on the condition of anonymity, have described Bonnie Butcher, the interim acting principal of MS 210, as a “bully,” “liar,” “manipulator,” and “incredibly aggressive…uncompromising…unyielding.”

This is Butcher’s first year at the 101st Avenue school.

“She can make your life miserable,” said one source.

That same source has characterized Butcher as “a micromanager—to the extreme; it’s either her way or the highway.”

“I’ve always respected principals—good, bad, or ugly,” the source continued. “But this is too much.”

Some 210 teachers, according to the source, have recently retired early, and pointed to Butcher as a direct, contributing factor in their decisions.

Some 210 teachers, administrators, and parents wanted to approach Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña at the last District 27 Community Education Council meeting to discuss the matter.

Beginning in late November, when, as the source put it, a group of teachers “realized there was no compromise or any shot at being heard” under the Butcher administration, those educators wore black every Monday in an act of solidarity and silent protest. It has been dubbed “Monday Mourning.”

Concerned parties informed The Forum that they have reached out to the unions, the D27 superintendent, the City Department of Education, and 311 about the issue.

“It feels as if we’ve been dismissed as disgruntled,” said a source who has attempted to go through numerous different channels regarding Butcher, but to no avail.

Repeated attempts by The Forum to obtain comment or reaction have gone unacknowledged.

Regardless, it seems the stakeholders that brought this issue to the newspaper have reached a palpable tipping point.

“Normally I just roll with the punches,” said a source, “but this? No. I can’t do this anymore.”



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