Gun Buy Back Nets Dozens of Weapons

Gun Buy Back Nets Dozens of Weapons

PHOTO: The Far Rockaway event helped to take 45 weapons off Queens streets. Courtesy of NYPD

By Michael V. Cusenza

The City Police Department on Saturday held a gun buy back in Far Rockaway that saw nearly four-dozen illegal weapons quickly taken off borough streets.

Fourty-five firearms were turned in at the event, which was organized in partnership with the Queens District Attorney’s Office and City Councilman Donovan Richards (D-Laurelton). Individuals who turned in weapons received cash gift cards in return, no questions asked.

“A big thanks goes to all those who turned in a weapon [on Saturday],” Richards said. “Also a big thanks goes to the Queens DA, Commissioner Bratton, NYPD, 101st and 100th precincts, Rev. Gray, Danny Ruscillo, Roc Safe Streets, and all those who volunteered/partnered to take guns off our streets.”

Seventeen revolvers were turned in; seven semi-automatic firearms; eight rifles; three shotguns; and 10 other types of guns were given to authorities at the Macedonia Baptist Church.

“As former president of the 100th Precinct Community Council, I will always advocate for gun buy back programs,” said civic leader Danny Ruscillo. “Now as an NYPD Community Partner, it has always been my belief that this is a great program – just one gun taken off our city streets could save a life.”

In April, 89 weapons were turned in at another gun buy back in Laurelton.


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