JFK Customs Officers Catch Colombian Citizens  Trying to Smuggle 9 Pounds of Heroin

JFK Customs Officers Catch Colombian Citizens Trying to Smuggle 9 Pounds of Heroin

Photo Courtesy of U.S. Customs and Border Protection

According to federal officials, the two passengers attempted to smuggle the illicit substance via an audio speaker and whiskey bottle.

By Forum Staff

Federal officers recently caught two Colombian citizens attempting to smuggle heroin via a stereo speaker and a gift box of whisky at John F. Kennedy International Airport, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials.

On Sunday, March 26, Andres Uribe Rebolledo and his girlfriend, Yuly Valencia Sanchez, arrived at JFK on a flight from Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. According to federal authorities, during their examination, CBP officers discovered one Marshall brand speaker and one Glenmorangie brand whisky gift box that “felt unusually heavy.” Rebolledo and Sanchez were then escorted to a private search room where CBP officers further probed the speaker and gift box: Both produced a tan substance that tested positive for heroin.

Approximately nine pounds of heroin with an estimated street value of more than $250,000 were seized.

“Heroin is a dangerous narcotic, and CBP does its part in keeping these drugs off the streets,” said Leon Hayward, acting director of CBP’s New York Field Operations. “Our officers are determined to protect the American people from these illicit substances.”


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