Howard Beach Man Arrested After He Pulls Shotgun On Business Partner

Howard Beach Man Arrested After He Pulls Shotgun On Business Partner

Forum Photo by Patricia Adams

Cops eventually cuffed the suspect outside his 158th Avenue home.​

By Patricia Adams & Michael Cusenza

A man toting a shotgun on a Howard Beach street led to a series of dramatic moments on Wednesday that ultimately ended with the perpetrator in cuffs and the backseat of a police cruiser.

The suspect and his business partner were allegedly engaged in a dispute over money inside the suspect’s apartment on 158th Avenue between 101st and 102nd streets. The altercation spilled outside onto the sidewalk around 11:20 a.m., with the perpetrator allegedly gripping a shotgun – directly across the street from Ave Maria Catholic Academy.

The man retreated inside his residence just as school officials issued directives to lock down AMCA. Officers from the 106th Precinct also sealed off a four-block perimeter around the suspect’s house. Emergency Service Unit officers spoke to the suspect from behind ballistic riot shields. He eventually emerged from the house with his hands raised and was peacefully placed under arrest. Police officials spoke to the suspect at length before putting him in a patrol car. No injuries were reported.


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