Gunmen Shoot Ozone Park Business Owner  in Failed Robbery Attempt

Gunmen Shoot Ozone Park Business Owner in Failed Robbery Attempt

Photo Courtesy of Google

The three suspects attempted to rob the 101st Avenue distributorship on Monday.

By Michael V. Cusenza
Three suit-clad crooks on Monday burst into an Ozone Park wholesale business, demanded money, shot the owner in the head and pistol whipped his son before fleeing empty handed, according to police and published reports.
As of Wednesday afternoon, Hani Kasem, 64, was still listed in critical condition at Jamaica Hospital Medical Center. The New York Daily News has reported that the man “has no brain activity and family members are waiting for his wife to return from Palestine” to discuss care options.
The three men, who remain at-large, descended on Garden Valley Distribution on 101st Avenue on Monday morning and immediately asked for cash. Kasem was shot as his son struggled with the thugs. Surveillance video shows Kasem’s son chasing after the trio while violently swinging nunchucks and attempting to kick them. The suspects jumped into a black Nissan and fled, but not before leaving a hat and a 9mm clip at the scene.


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