Before we take the time to wish all of our loyal readers a happy and healthy New Year, we would like to take a few minutes from the remaining year to touch base, and to let you know that it has reached our ears that some competitors and other naysayers, may be spreading some false and malicious thoughts about the Forum.
Despite the fact that our publisher, Patricia Adams, is dealing with some legal issues at the present time, The Forum is alive, well and continuing to deliver to you what we have for the last four decades—true, honest, unbiased and factually correct news.
Although The Forum may be small in size, it is large in news, and that’s why they call us a newspaper.
Unlike some of the “advertising digests” that circulate throughout the community, publishing what they call “news”, The Forum focuses on what we know is essential to you as a community¬¬–– hard-hitting, well-researched and sourced information that is important to our readers. We have never put annual income over the good of the community, and we never will.
We are not now, nor have we ever been concerned with pandering to advertisers and writing stories about them to land or to keep their business. We will never tell you to shop someplace in Howard Beach or anywhere else or make a business more than it truly is because we have an ad contract with them.
Our bottom line is focused on what we do best. Tell the truth. We don’t spit out stories without bothering to call the people involved in them and asking for their side of an issue. We accept and focus on our responsibility to present you with accuracy.
We have been at the heart of this community for many years and we want to make sure you know that when all the smoke clears, we will still be here.
Although we are prevented from discussing some issues regarding our publisher at this time, the day will surely come when everything will be perfectly clear and we are so looking forward to that time.
Until then, we would like to thank everyone, from every corner of this community and from out readership, for the outpouring of support we have received from friends and neighbors and folks who know better than to believe everything they hear.
In the past, we have reserved this editorial space to offering up some advice on making resolutions for the new year, however, we have learned a lot lately about resolve, and because of that, the best advice we can offer to you this year is not to make any resolutions at all.
All you can do to make this new year and every one after it better, is to be the best person you can be.
Offer your ear to anyone who needs someone to listen to them. Lend your hand to a friend who needs one to grab onto. Hold a door open for the person behind you, and don’t let the fact they didn’t say thank you, stop you from doing it again. Say good morning to a stranger who passes you in the aisle of a supermarket. Let another driver get ahead of you from a merging traffic lane. Extend yourself to a child you might not always have the patience for. Make dinner for someone you know who comes home to frozen meals or prepared food every night. Sit down with an elder and let them tell you the story that means so much to them––even though you’ve heard it a hundred times before. Resolve your differences with old friends you may have had issues with. Stand up for people and things you believe in regardless of potential consequences, because the day you surrender your convictions will be the saddest day of your life.
And most of all, no matter by what name you call Him, do not be ashamed of your faith. Do not turn your back on God, because when all else fails He will be there as he has been every year, every month, every day, every minute, every second, blessing you, protecting you and seeing you through the darkest of times.
Of all the wisdom we’ve tried to pass on to you, be sure that this is the key to saving what has become a dark and dangerous world and making it a better world. Being afraid to say you believe in God is giving up on yourself and the rest of the world.
Wishes for a happy, healthy new year to all of you!


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