City Medics Push for Equal Pay

City Medics Push for Equal Pay

Pheffer Amato’s Office

Several unions representing more than 4,700 members of the City Fire Department’s Emergency Medical Service urged Mayor Bill de Blasio on Friday to rectify what they call “pay inequity.”
According to those organizations, a top FDNY EMS member will cap out around $48,000 annual salary; whereas, after five years, a member of the FDNY fire service will make approximately $86,000 per year.
Assemblywoman Stacey Pheffer Amato (D-Howard Beach; at lectern) called on Hizzoner to “treat the EMS workers in this city with more respect, and that includes raising their wages.”
“The long-standing practice of discriminatory pay towards EMS members is simply unacceptable and must be rectified immediately,” the assemblywoman added.
Photo Courtesy of Assemblywoman


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