In Case You Missed It…

In Case You Missed It…

From time to time in this hallowed space we like to bring your attention to important stories that may not have received the coverage they deserved.
In celebration of National Pet Day on Saturday, City Councilman Eric Ulrich (R-Ozone Park) hosted another successful mobile pet adoption event with Animal Care Centers of NYC at the Freeway Dog Run in Rockaway.
Despite the inclement weather, we would like to gladly report that all the animals on the truck found new homes.
This year’s mobile pet adoption event marks the second time Ulrich has partnered with ACC. Last spring, the councilman hosted a mobile pet adoption event with the nonprofit in Forest Park. Coincidentally, it had also been raining at last year’s event.
“I’d like to thank ACC and all of our adopters for making this weekend’s event such a success. Despite the rainy weather, every animal on the truck found a loving home,” Ulrich noted. “I look forward to continuing our partnership with ACC and hosting more adoption events so that we can put an end animal homelessness in New York City.”
In total, six animals were adopted, including three kittens, Sasha, Rodion and Nikita; one 8-year-old cat, Bernadette; one medium dog, Lola; and one large dog, China.
“We’re thrilled that all the boroughbreds we brought to Queens on Saturday found new homes!” said Alex Silver, ACC’s Community Outreach & Engagement manager. “Thank you to Council Member Ulrich and his wonderful staff for their partnership—and to everyone who came out to adopt. This kind of support is essential to our mission to end animal homelessness in NYC.”
Congrats to all the new pet owners! And thank you, Councilman Ulrich, for another great event that calls attention to pet adoption.


In travel news, starting Oct. 1, 2020, New York residents will need an enhanced driver’s license or a REAL ID compatible driver’s license by October 1, 2020, if they want to use it to get on a domestic flight, enter certain federal buildings or enter military bases. With that in mind, it is highly recommended that New Yorkers who plan to travel upgrade from a standard driver’s license to a REAL ID or enhanced license before the deadline, said Transportation Security Administration Spokeswoman Lisa Farbstein.
New York’s REAL ID driver’s licenses have a star in the upper right corner to indicate that it meets federal regulations that establish minimum security standards. The enhanced driver’s license has a U.S. flag on the bottom right of the license.
The enhanced IDs, which cost $30 in addition to the regular transaction fees, are good to board a plane and enter the U.S. by land or sea to cross into the U.S. coming from Canada, Mexico or the Caribbean. New York residents have the option to upgrade to a REAL ID if their license does not currently have the star or they can opt to keep their older standard driver’s license. However, a standard credential—without the star—will not be valid to board a flight or to access secure federal facilities, including military bases and some federal offices.
To get the REAL ID star, individuals will need to visit their local New York Department of Motor Vehicles office in person and bring certain documents to prove U.S. citizenship and New York residency. Required documents include one proof of identity, one proof of legal presence, two proofs of New York residency, one proof of your social security number (if you’ve been issued one) and a current driver’s license if you are applying to exchange one issued by another U.S. state.
For more information, visit


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