Cuomo Establishes Medicaid Redesign Team II

Cuomo Establishes Medicaid Redesign Team II

Photo Courtesy of Kevin Coughlin/Office of the Governor

Governor Cuomo has tasked the 21-member MRT II with finding significant savings in the State Medicaid program.

By Forum Staff

Governor Andrew Cuomo unveiled Tuesday the roster of the Medicaid Redesign Team II that he promised in his Fiscal Year 2021 Executive Budget address.

The 21-member panel, all appointed by the governor, is tasked with finding savings in the Medicaid program in the same way the 2011 MRT I set the course for recurring savings.

The reconstituted team will develop a set of recommendations to build on the strategy of the original MRT while identifying changes to the State’s Medicaid program that will generate $2.5 billion in recurring savings within the upcoming FY 2021 State budget, Cuomo said.

The governor has directed MRT II to identify savings with the following directives: Ensure zero impact on local governments and zero impact on beneficiaries; find industry efficiencies and/or additional industry revenue; and root out waste, fraud, and abuse.

According to Cuomo, MRT II recommendations should address:

The drivers of greater-than-projected costs and growth in the Medicaid program;

Models of healthcare delivery to improve care management for beneficiaries with complex health conditions;

Existing regulations, laws, and programs that hinder the modernization or achieving efficiencies in the Medicaid program and for the healthcare industry;

Ways to ensure the availability of a stable and appropriately skilled workforce, especially with respect to meeting the needs of an aging population;

Strengthening the sustainability of safety net providers serving vulnerable populations, including through regulatory reform

Changes in the Medicaid program to achieve short-term solutions  and long-term systemic changes that advance the State’s healthcare reform strategy while restoring financial sustainability to ensure that benefits will always be available to those who need it;

Whether any changes to the metric for calculating the Medicaid global cap are necessary;

The introduction of new data sets, data analytics and technologies to identify current and future trends and improve program oversight; and

Policies to ensure the efficient and effective use of Medicaid dollars and reduce waste, fraud, and abuse.

Additionally, MRT II will create an advisory work group to focus on issues associated with long-term care. As Cuomo pointed out, enrollment and spending in managed long-term care have increased dramatically over the last three years. Understanding the causes of the growth and identifying efficiencies within the program is an important priority of MRT II, he added.

The latest iteration of the MRT will be co-chaired by Michael Dowling, president and CEO of Northwell Health, and Dennis Rivera, the former president of SEIU 1199, who were also co-chairmen of the original MRT. State Medicaid Director Donna Frescatore will serve as the team’s executive director; and State Budget Director Robert Mujica will serve as a non-voting member of MRT II, Cuomo noted.

The team will start working immediately, and hold its first public meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 11. Recommendations and proposals may be submitted online at

The team will submit its report to the governor and Legislature next month for consideration in the FY 2021 Enacted Budget.


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