MTA Looking to Stay Up ‘Late’

MTA Looking to Stay Up ‘Late’

Photo Courtesy of Marc Hermann/MTA New York City Transit

The MTA announced this week that it’s looking to improve the overnight commutes of late-shift workers.

By Forum Staff

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority this week focused on the commutes of late-shift workers and how to improve them. The MTA indicated on Tuesday that it has issued a request for proposals from transportation companies to advance the “Late-Shift” pilot program to enhance mobility for residents working the late shift by connecting them with the subway system outside of Manhattan during overnight hours.

The agency noted that it is seeking companies that have the potential to offer shared-mobility services connecting New Yorkers who are traveling during the overnight hours with the subway system.

The RFP process will begin by looking at areas in Queens, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and Manhattan that are more than a half-mile from the nearest subway station and have limited bus service with arrivals less frequent than every 20 minutes overnight. Criteria for participating subway stations will be evaluated throughout the course of the RFP process, according to MTA brass.

The late-shift RFP is being conducted in two phases. The MTA said Phase I will center on data collection and analysis to determine the structure of the pilot. During Phase II, the location, timeframe, and business terms of the pilot will be determined. The deadline for submission of Phase I proposals is Tuesday, Feb. 18. Phase 2 is expected to begin next month.

“With increasing numbers of people moving away from the traditional 9-to-5 Manhattan-centric work schedule, we want the MTA to evolve to best support New York’s continually diversifying economy,” said MTA Chief Innovation Officer Mark Dowd.

The agency anticipates selecting a “Late-Shift” pilot program partner by the end of March 2020.


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