The Puppet Show

The Puppet Show

If you’re tired of being bound, gagged and tied down for the daily force-feeding of BS by the mainstream media, then I hope you will read on. If, however, you are sitting home on the couch watching CNN and subscribing to the lies you’re being told, please put this newspaper down and never pick it up again.

I’ve said in this space before that I think black lives matter, as do all others. But witnessing the behaviors and listening to the words of representatives and supporters of the Black Lives Matter Movement, I say to you today that these people whose foundations are supposedly etched in a revolt against systemic racism are the very essence of that which they are claiming to change, and that which they will “no longer tolerate.” The movement is racist in every sense of the word, it is anarchistic, and if it is not put in check, I believe it will lead to more destruction than we could ever imagine.

Let’s look at where the rise in this movement currently sweeping across the country is rooted. At a time when our country and the world are crippled by COVID-19, four Minneapolis police officers further shook the earth when they murdered George Floyd—and yes, I say four because while one knee suffocated Floyd, three other police officers stood on their knees and did nothing to stop this indefensible act.

The media painted Floyd as a “gentle giant” and made him out to be a folk hero of sorts, a martyr. I would stake a lifetime of earnings that if this had happened to a white man, or the news media liked the current president, we would also have been told that this victim had an arrest record as long as his frame. They would have also shared the fact that an autopsy performed at the time of his death showed methamphetamine and fentanyl. They might not have obliterated all of the facts when they described Floyd as the man who was turning his life around. We do not dispute the fact that no matter his criminal past, no matter his choice to do drugs, he should still be alive and should never have been subjected to the mistreatment he faced.

His death has led to protesting, rioting and looting, defunding of police departments and brought racial tension to new heights. It has also led to a warped representation of Democrats who have assumed a position at the right hand of the movement. The same Democrats who developed and perpetuated slavery, the same Democrats who built the Ku Klux Klan and the same Democrats who masquerade as champions of black Americans and destructively continue with their falsified degradation of the Republican Party and the President of the United States.

I for one am totally sick of it and sick of tiptoeing around and not having brass to just come out and say we’d better recognize that what is going on is a calculated, well-funded movement to put the country on track for decades more of people being buried by government dependence. We are on the road to witness generations more of the creation of lethal puppets, wreaking havoc and living off hard working Americans who earn their entitlement, instead of stealing it, killing for it or just plain demanding it.

If this manipulation isn’t obvious to you then maybe you could offer a reasonable explanation as to what truly spurred the revelation that produced this very editorial: Nancy Pelosi’s presentation of a military flag to George Floyd’s family.

The Veteran’s Administration of the United States of America outlines those eligible for this honor:

  1. Veteran who served during wartime
  2. Veteran who died on active duty after May 27, 1941
  3. Veteran who served after January 31, 1955
  4. Peacetime Veteran who was discharged or released before June 27, 1950 after serving at least one enlistment, or for a disability incurred or aggravated in line of duty
  5. Certain persons who served in the organized military forces of the Commonwealth of the Philippines while in service of the U.S. Armed Forces and who died on or after April 25, 1951
  6. Certain former members of the Selected Reserves

We triple-checked the list for any provisions for the families of civilians who are addicted to drugs, who have a criminal past, and who were documented resisting arrest who, incidentally, have apparently not served in the military forces of the United States of America. There were none.

We only wish there were some provisions to have Nancy Pelosi clean the spit from the faces of every family member of veterans who served and gave their lives for the country she and those members of her party disrespect every minute of every day.


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