City Reforms Alternate Side Parking

City Reforms Alternate Side Parking

Forum Photo by Michael V. Cusenza

The City this week announced major changes to Alternate Side Parking regulations.

By Michael V. Cusenza

After decades of tussling with tow truck drivers, and mindlessly searching for spots for hours before settling for a space that might not even be in the same zip code as their residence, so-called “outer-borough” New Yorkers: Your prayers have been (somewhat) answered.

Beginning Monday, June 29, the City will resume Alternate Side Parking regulations for one week. However, going forward, residential streets will be cleaned no more than once per week as Mayor Bill de Blasio and Sanitation Commissioner Kathryn Garcia on Tuesday announced the end of twice-weekly street cleanings, the most dramatic reform to ASP in decades.

According to the administration, amended rules pertain to residential “side streets” and not to commercial areas. Streets with multiple ASP days would be cleaned on the last day of the week, as posted on each street’s currently posted sign. For example, a street with ASP regulations posted on Tuesday and Friday will now be cleaned on Friday only. Daily sweeping regulations in metered areas will not change, and DSNY will continue cleaning streets with posted No Standing, No Stopping and No Parking regulations as needed.

The City will enforce these amended regulations on a week-by-week basis and will assess conditions throughout the summer. The City will determine whether to extend, or modify the new regulations over the course of the summer.

Alternate Side Parking has been in place in the five boroughs since the mid-1950s, and regulations are currently in place on nearly 2,300 miles of Gotham streets.


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