Pheffer to Leave Assembly

Pheffer to Leave Assembly

Legislator Will Resign Seat to Take Over as Queens County Clerk

As The Forum went to press on Wednesday evening, we learned that Assemblymember Audrey Pheffer will officially resign on May 11 to become the Queens County clerk, filling the post left vacant by the death of Gloria D’Amico last year.

Her acceptance of the clerk’s job will create a vacancy for the assembly seat.

In earlier conversations, Pheffer told The Forum she would likely support her chief of staff, JoAnn Shapiro, in the race to succeed her.

Insiders continue to speculate on the field for that race, most likely a battle between Shapiro or Lew Simon for the Democrats and District Leader Jane Deacy for the Republicans. Pheffer will officially start her new job on May 12.

Please join The Forum next week for an interview with the Assemblymember and also the start of in-depth coverage on the race to fill the seat.


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