Weiner Puts District First

Anthony Weiner went from a political superstar to a laughingstock after several lewd photos he had sent to various women online were leaked to the public. But last week, there was one man heaping on the praise for the former Congressman—Bill O’Reilly, spokesman for newly elected Congressman Bob Turner.

Nobody would blame Weiner if he disappeared from the public sphere—based on some local protests and national calls for his resignation, that’s exactly what the public wanted— but Weiner, a Democrat, met with Turner, a Republican, to help the latter transition to his new position.

“Mr Weiner did not leak his good dead, which e easily could have sans fingerprints,” O’Reilly wrote on his personal blog. “He traveled out to his former district from Manhattan, where he now lives, because he cared enough to do it. There could be no other reason for his action, and it showed character.”

“Call Mr. Weiner what you want, but I call him a mensche today for what was supposed to be a quiet, unnoticed gesture,” O’Reilly continued.

Turner, who ran against Weiner in 2010 and eventually replaced him following the resignation, said he invited the ex-congressman to talk about the issues facing constituents.

By Eric Yun


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