Ulrich Seeks Relief for Tudor Village Voters

Councilman Eric Ulrich (R-Ozone Park) is asking the city Board of Elections to change a poll site for Tudor Village residents, who now have to cross a major highway in order to cast their ballots.

Last year, the BOE designated PS 232 in Lindenwood as the new poll site for a large section of Tudor Village. Previously, Tudor Village residents had been able to vote at PS 63 in Ozone Park – a much easier site for residents, particularly those who are older and non-drivers because they do not have to maneuver across the busy and dangerous Belt Parkway.

“For the second year in a row, my constituents residing in the Tudor Village section of Ozone Park have experienced great difficulty in voting due to a decision by the Board of Elections, which relocated their poll site to PS 232 in Lindenwood,” Ulrich wrote in a Sept. 13 letter to BOE Executive Director Michael Ryan. “This school is across the Belt Parkway…and nearly impossible to travel to without a car.”

The legislator said that redesignating PS 63 as the poll site would help to increase voter turnout – which Ulrich said has decreased since the location change.

Ulrich asked the BOE to re-designate PS 63 as the polling site “as soon as possible so that they may exercise their right to vote without impediment in the upcoming general election.”


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