Woodhaven Thanks Service Members in Solemn Ceremony

Woodhaven Thanks Service Members in Solemn Ceremony

Photo: The Woodhaven community last Thursday marked its annual Small Town Memorial Day Observance at the World War II monument on Forest Parkway near Jamaica Avenue. Forum Photo by Michael V. Cusenza.

Woodhaven civic leaders, residents, business owners and elected officials last Thursday came together at Jamaica Avenue and Forest Parkway to honor veterans and active-duty service members in a solemn ceremony to mark Memorial Day.

“Because of them we can survive and enjoy our quality of life,” said Maria Thomson, executive director of the Greater Woodhaven Development Corporation, which organized the Small Town Annual Memorial Day Observance. “So when you’re enjoying the weather and things this weekend, think of them and their sacrifice.”

A new wreath was placed at the World War II monument in remembrance of members of the Woodhaven community who have perished in defense of the country.

Glendale resident Paul Heinz, 56, said the true meaning of annual holidays such as Veterans Day and Memorial Day are not lost on him.

“It’s a time to reflect—if it wasn’t for our veterans we wouldn’t have things like freedom of speech,” said Heinz, who comes from a family of former service members. “You’ve got to give gratitude to veterans. I never take them for granted.”





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