Federal DOT Grant to Help Fund LaGuardia Noise Study

Federal DOT Grant to Help Fund LaGuardia Noise Study

PHOTO:  U.S. Sens. Schumer and Gillibrand have announced that more than $3 million in federal funding will be put toward the LaGuardia Airport Noise Compatibility Plan Study.  Forum Photo by Michael V. Cusenza

The federal Department of Transportation has earmarked a $3.1 million grant to help fund LaGuardia Airport’s “Noise Compatibility Plan Study,” U.S. Sens. Charles Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand (both D-N.Y.) announced on Monday.

The grant helps fund the Part 150 study, which better evaluates noise impacts to the communities surrounding the airport. Earlier in August, Schumer and Gillibrand announced $3.1 million in federal funding for John F. Kennedy International Airport’s Part 150 study.

“This noise remediation study will evaluate the best ways to address airplane noise related issues in the communities surrounding La Guardia Airport,” Schumer said. “I am pleased that the Department of Transportation has now invested millions in this study for both La Guardia and JFK airports and I am urging the Port Authority to expeditiously move forward with this critical Part 150 study.”

According to the FAA, the Part 150 study, also known as the Airport Noise Compatibility Planning, is part of a program that provides a structured approach for airport operators, airlines, pilots, neighboring communities and the FAA to work together to reduce the number of people who live in significantly noise-impacted areas. The Part 150 study requires that members of the public have an opportunity for active and direct participation in the process through public meetings and hearings.

Public outreach has already begun. Through the Part 150 study, airport operators may consider different ways to reduce noise, including changing operational procedures, such as take-offs and landings, or routing flight paths over less noise-sensitive areas, or provide sound insulation for homes, schools and other buildings near the airport.

The Part 150 study has two phases: The first phase involves developing noise exposure maps to identify compatible and non-compatible land uses around the airport. The second step involves identifying mitigation efforts, which leads to a Noise Compatibility Program. Airports that conduct Part 150 studies and develop Noise Compatibility Programs are eligible for federal funds for noise mitigation.

“We need the right tools to assess the noise impacting our communities we know how to best address it,” Gillibrand added. “This funding is an important step in our work to help alleviate the concerns of our neighbors in Queens and on Long Island.”

Both senators have urged the Port Authority to expedite completion of the studies “so that the issue of airplane noise in the New York metropolitan area can be remediated immediately.”


By Michael V. Cusenza   michael@theforumnewsgroup.com



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