Action Plan will Modernize NYC Industrial Policy: Mayor, Council Speaker

Action Plan will Modernize NYC Industrial Policy: Mayor, Council Speaker

PHOTO: Mayor de Blasio and the City Council this week unveiled a 10-point plan to grow industrial and manufacturing jobs across the five boroughs. Photo Courtesy of Demetrius Freeman/Mayoral Photography Unit

Mayor Bill de Blasio and City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito this week unveiled a 10-point action plan to modernize the City’s industrial policy backed by more than $115 million in newly announced City funding. The plan will launch a new state of the art Advanced Manufacturing Center, protect core industrial areas from encroachment, provide loans and grants for new firms, and train New Yorkers for 21st century manufacturing jobs.

“Manufacturing isn’t just past of New York City’s past – it is a thriving part of our 21st century economy. We are positioning our industrial businesses to take advantage of new technology and new demand. These investments are going to generate tens of thousands of good jobs for New York City families,” said de Blasio.

“The Industrial Action Plan will strengthen and invest in our city’s core industrial areas and provide essential protections against non-industrial uses and development. These tools and strategies will build on the recommendations first put forth by the New York City Council, ensuring that existing manufacturing firms and new businesses have the space and support they need to thrive,” Mark-Viverito.

The Plan will help achieve three major goals, all of which are essential to a vibrant and growing industrial economy:

Protecting and Strengthening Core Industrial Areas

  1. Invest in City-Owned Industrial Assets: As part of the 10-Year Capital Plan, the City will invest a total of $442 million in City-owned industrial properties.
  2. Limit New Hotels and Personal Storage in Core Industrial Areas to Reduce Use Conflicts and Support Diverse Economic Growth: A new special permit will be required for any hotel developments in M1 districts within IBZs (with the exception of a portion of the area around JFK, where hotels serve airport-related businesses). Restrictions will be implemented on personal mini-storage and household goods storage facilities in IBZs through appropriate land use controls.
  1. Create New Models for Flexible Workspace and Innovation Districts: The Administration will develop a framework for Innovation Districts in New York City which will help determine the best ways to bring a mix of light industrial, commercial, and limited residential development to appropriate locations in a way that supports 21st century businesses and 21st century jobs.
  2.  Strengthen Core Industrial Areas: No residential uses are currently permitted in IBZs, except by rezoning. The prohibition will be expanded to curb speculation. Going forward, no private applications for residential uses in IBZs will be supported by the Council or Administration.

Investing in the Long-Term Development of Industrial and Manufacturing Businesses

  1. Create an Industrial and Manufacturing Fund to Spur Development: An industrial and manufacturing fund will provide $64 million in City loans and grants, which will in turn leverage an additional $86 million dollars in private investment. This fund is to create approximately 1,200 new jobs.
  2.  Launch Advanced Manufacturing Network “Futureworks NYC,” including Creation of New Advanced Manufacturing Center: NYCEDC will leverage up to $10 million in both public and private resources for the creation of an Advanced Manufacturing Center called “Futureworks NYC” which will provide as much as 40,000 square feet of shared workspaces and equipment, such as 3D printers and robotics, and will directly support over 3,000 jobs.
  3. Expand Brownfields Jumpstart Program to Industrial Properties: $500,000 will be invested in the Brownfield Jumpstart Program, which will help businesses enroll in the New York State Brownfield Cleanup Program (NYS BCP) and provide grants to industrial and manufacturing businesses for site investigation and cleanup efforts. These projects can receive tax credits of up to 20 percent through the NYS BCP.
  4. Re-launch Industrial Business Solutions Providers Network: The Industrial Business Solutions Providers program will provide support services to 400 unique businesses in 21 IBZs citywide. Participants will receive business education, financing assistance, recruitment and training support, and help navigating government and accessing public incentives. The network will also collect real-time data on industrial and manufacturing businesses.

 Preparing New Yorkers for the Industrial and Manufacturing Jobs of the Future

  1. Create Industry Partnerships to Bolster Workforce Development: $750,000 will be funded to launch a Career Pathways initiative for the industrial and manufacturing sector to create a real-time feedback loop for workforce training, align workforce and incentives programs, and secure placement commitments from businesses seeking public benefits.
  2.  Establish Career Centers in IBZs: SBS will create up to 5 additional satellite centers in select IBZs with high job density, each of which will have the ability to serve 500 local businesses and 1,000 residents every year, providing training and job placement services in the construction, manufacturing, transportation, utilities, and wholesale distribution sub-sectors.


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