Paperless Registration Renewals now Available at NY DMVs

Paperless Registration Renewals now Available at NY DMVs

PHOTO: You no longer need to submit a completed paper application when renewing your registration. Courtesy of DMV

By Forum Staff

Gov. Andrew Cuomo recently announced new paperless registration renewals, an initiative aimed at saving customers’ time when visiting Department of Motor Vehicles offices by eliminating the need to submit a completed paper application.

Customers only need to show a State-issued photo ID or have a Motor Vehicle Representative look up their image in DMV’s database. For corporate and government customers, having a registration on file with DMV is acceptable proof of identification. Transactions are then processed through a touch-screen terminal device.

“Paperless registration renewals will save customers time and create a better registration process for New Yorkers visiting DMV offices,” Cuomo said. “This innovation will build on the progress we’ve already made in reducing wait times and is another step forward in establishing a smarter, more convenient DMV experience. I encourage all New Yorkers to take advantage of this time-saving option and look forward to continuing to make a trip to the DMV as seamless as possible.”

In addition to registration transactions, other transactions – ordering a duplicate license, non-driver ID renewal, or driving record abstract – can be done without a paper application.

These programs expand on the Department of Motor Vehicle’s Customer Service Initiative, an agency-wide directive by Cuomo in 2012, meant to streamline and increase the efficiency of DMV services.

The Customer Service Initiative includes improvements to its offices, website, and call centers. In September 2014, the average wait time at state-run DMV offices was reduced to 30 minutes, down from an average of 72 minutes in March 2013. The average wait time has remained at around 30 minutes since then, according to the agency. In 2013, DMV implemented an online reservation system at state-run offices to allow customers to reserve a day and time convenient for them without a wait. Motorists may also sign up online to receive license, registration, and inspection renewal reminders via email and text message.

“We recommend customers always check our website first to see if their transactions are available online, but if an office visit is required, paperless transactions are a real time-saver and convenience,” said DMV Executive Deputy Commissioner Teri Egan. “The registration renewal form, for example, can take 10 to 15 minutes to fill out. Now, a customer renewing a registration can simply get in line, show ID, and complete the transaction.”


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