Cuomo Approves ‘LaMont Dottin’s Law,’  Changing the Way Missing Persons Cases are Worked

Cuomo Approves ‘LaMont Dottin’s Law,’ Changing the Way Missing Persons Cases are Worked

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Phil Vetrano, pictured here with slain daughter, Karina, has indicated that he’d like to hire private investigators to help with the search for her assailant.

By Michael V. Cusenza

With frustration mounting, and fear of a cold case label only fueling the anger and anxiety, members of the Vetrano family this week announced that they are looking into organizing another fund to support ancillary investigative staff, equipment, and tactics.

“We always believed that if we raised enough reward money someone would say something. This did not happen. The reward is high enough,” Karina’s dad, Phil Vetrano, wrote on Monday on the Karina Vetrano Memorial Reward Fund’s web home at “I want to start a fund to catch the killer that would be used to hire outside sources to track down and bring this person to justice. So if you still want to contribute to find justice for Karina this is what we are going to do. Thank you again.”

The memorial reward fund has raised more than $300,000. However, as Phil Vetrano alluded above, the cash has yet to move the needle.

“It’s hard to believe that with this kind of money available no one has come forward,” he said in a note posted last Thursday. “Someone has to know something, please help us.”

Karina, 30, was beaten, strangled, and sexually assaulted in the evening hours of Aug. 2 on her daily run inside federal Spring Creek Park. Her father, Phil, discovered her battered body that summer night as he scoured the green space with detectives.

“It has not been going well,” said Phil Vetrano, regarding the 50-day investigation. “We need to find this killer. Please I know someone out there knows something, please say something.”


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